BSD Junction VS Teraskota

by: Veronica Sri Utami

(tulisan ini adalah reflection paper untuk mata kuliah Persuassion di Paramadina Gradschool. Dibuang sayang, siapa tau ada gunanya buat siapa saja… 🙂 )

I like three assumption said by Vence Packard (1964) in his books The Hidden Persuaders, that is: (1) people don’t always know what they want when making purchase, (2) we can’t rely on what they say they like or dislike, and (3) people don’t usually act logically when they buy, vote, or join something. (Larson, C. U. (2010). Persuasion: Reception and responsibility (12th ed.), p. 173)

It means that for now, we cannot persuade people in a simple way. We cannot see the things we try to offer as something people needed, so they will buy or join, or take another action as we want.

I saw the same condition recently, when I go to TERASKOTA, an entertainment center, placed in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) city, Tangerang. TERASKOTA was designed as a place where people enjoy their time. Several restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, and ice cream shop is placed in the  first floor, and the bookstore, fitness center, and cinema are placed in others floor.

A lot of people come to this place just for sit down, eat, and have a relax discussion with their friends, family, or business partner.

The situation is extremely different in other place called BSD JUNCTION, that not far from this place (maybe just around 1 km). even though the concept as a place where people can sit and relax, same as TERASKOTA, but this place seems so quite. Not so many people so interesting to come to this place.

From this case, I think, we cannot just give people a place, equipped with a lot of restaurant and coffee shop, and then we can be sure that our place will be visited by alot of people.

As a campaign manager we also have to consider  what we want to persuade with a complex view, such as: who is the target, who is their friend, what things are they like, etc . If we targeted middle up class as our costumer, so we have to give them entertainment for their class, for example jazz music performance, as what TERASKOTA did, not just children contest, barongsai contest, or Tamiya contest, like what BSD Junction do.


Larson, C. U. (2010). Persuasion: Reception and responsibility (12th ed.) Boston: Wadsworth.