If I become HPV vaccine campaign manager

By: Veronica Sri Utami

(tulisan ini dibuat untuk reflection paper mata kuliah persuassion di Paramadina Gradschool)

I am interesting to this sentences: “… your job as a receiver and as a sender is to engage in “respons-ability” or your ability to wisely and critically respond to the persuasion you encounter and to make wise choice and ethical decision when you both process and craft persuasion.”

This sentence show us, that, not just us, as the receiver of a persuasion message, that have obligation to process persuasion before making decision, but also the sender, have to consider all the thing before launch some information. Not just considering the benefit they will get from that persuasion, but also considering ethical side of this persuasion.

There is persuasion about Human Papilomma Virus (HPV) vaccine, that launch almost around the world. This vaccine is believed to protect us, the women from cervical cancer for years to come, and recommended for 11-12 years old girls, that not yet sexually active. For women that already  sexually active may also get benefit from this vaccine, but less optimum.

Because the information about the danger of the cancer, because cervical cancer belief as type of cancer that caused death, of course, a lot of women immediately ask for the vaccine.

Unfortunately, there were some facts that not well informed by the sender of persuasion. The missing information is that this vaccine  only effective to  prevent us from 2 of 120 kind of HPV virus. Of course it can lessen the risk but not the whole risks.

Also, there is greater risk to become cancer when  this vaccine was gave to the woman who already infected by the viruses (in fact, women never realize when they are infected by this virus).

So, if I became a campaign manager, I will give the subject all information they need. About what the vaccine is. What kind of viruses that effectively protected by this vaccine, what kind of condition needed before use this vaccine, what is the benefit they will get, dan what is the side effect. After they contained with information, the decision of course in their hand.