ANLENE’s Bone Health Campaign

By: Veronica Sri Utami

(Tulisan ini dibuat untuk Persuasive Communication Class Final Exam, semoga berguna…)


Osteoporosis is condition characterized by a decrease in the density of bone, decreasing its strength and resulting in fragile bones ( Consume milk as a source of calcium – main element of bone – is a way to prevent osteoporosis.

Fonterra Brands Indonesia then produce Anlene,  a high calcium contained milk, produced by. But, Anlene’s strategy is not explicitly and only promoting their product.  Not just advise people to consume their milk, Anlene also trying to educate people to maintain their health, especially to challenge people to get active, so their bones become stronger.

Campaign of health

According to Baskorohadi Sukatmo, Marketing manager of Fonterra Brands Indonesia, Anlene have a commitment to educate people to prevent osteoporosis consistently (  They use several way, such as: seminar, bone health check up, media advertisement, and walking activity.

As we know, people with osteoporosis have bigger risk to experience bone fracture, and will cause pain. It will follow with interfere in mobility, proprioceptive system, lung activity, and of course, psychological condition. (Nirmala, Oktober 2009). So, when people suffering osteoporosis, their body maybe bent to the front, to the back, left or right. It will also related with economic loss, and also personal prestige loss.

Of course, all people, men or women, need to be health. When their need are not satisfied, they will feel frustrated, anxious, afraid, and even angry. (Larson, 2010, p.172). As a result, people trying their best to preserve their health. If related to osteoporosis, so Anlene, as high calcium contained milk is a way to prevent us from osteoporosis.

So, what Anlene is doing have the same idea with what Aristotle said, that speaker, in this case campaign about bone health, should promote something that bring happiness and speak against those who destroy happiness (Larson, 2010, p. 73). Our health is one of the happiness sources.

Women as a target

In anlene’s website, they say that  Anlene is a range of dairy products specially formulated for adults – to help maintain bone health. ( Still, if we refers to Aristotle, this strategy is true, because he said that to make a good persuasion, we have to customize the message strategies to the specific target (Larson, 2010, p.72).

But, as we know, osteoporosis mainly happen to women after a menopause age because the decrease of certain hormone that does not being produced by menopause woman’s body (Nirmala Magazine, Oktober 2009).

Because the target of anlene’s education programs is woman, so they use women as their ambassador, such as Indy Barends and Anggun C Sasmi ( In one of female magazine, Anlene also using advertisement using story of Anggun C. Sasmi, their brand ambassador. (  Anggun tell the readers that she has a lot of activity, that’s why she working hard to preserve her health. She also talking about the risk all women have, when they are going older, that is osteoporosis.  A way to prevent osteoporosis that suggested  by Anggun is drinking milk contained with enough calcium.

Larson said that people will give attention when they hear a story or narrative that relates to them. So, Anggun C. Sasmi, as a woman, in this advertisement, trying to persuade all women that have similar health risk, to give more attention to their body, to avoid osteoporosis.

In one of their advertisement, Anlene quote an article from European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2007, said that “Sebagian besar wanita hanya memenuhi 50% kebutuhan kalsium mereka melalui konsumsi sehari-hari”. So, Anlene using statictics to convince people, especially women to complete their calcium intake from Anlene.

As Larson said,  in some situation, statistics have a powerful effect, because people tend to believe statistics without questioning because it seems specific and well research. (Larson, C.U., 2010, p.217).


Preventing osteoporosis is not just with drinking milk. One of the main therapy for osteoporosis is isotonic movement, that not just make mucle contraction, but also giving load to our bone and joint. The most simple activity that fulfill this function is walking, because when we are walking our leg being burdened by our body and our neck bone beng burdened by our skull and soldier (Nirmala Magazine, Oktober 2009).

To ask people move their body, Anlene make a program named “Melangkah Bersama Anlene”. To promote this campaign, they made jalan sehat as their main activity. 


At their event, Anlene usually set aside an equipment to measure bone density, so their audience more aware about their bone condition. And, also Anlene introduce pedometer, an instrument to count how much steps we already made.

Refers to what Anlene has done we can say that they are not just advertise their product, trying to sell their product, but they also want to make people aware about their health, especially about bone health and osteoporosis, as the reason why they have to buy or consume this product.

We can say that Anlene is doing a health campaign. As Larson said that campaign are intentionally design to develop over time. They have stages for getting the audiences attention. (Larson, 2010, p. 281). Anlene try to get attention with giving info, statistic, and facts about relation between osteoporosis, calcium intake, and activity that can make our bone stronger. Then, they prepare the audience to act, with giving them  chance to check their bone condition with bone densitometer that usually available on their event. Then, Anlene invite people to participate preventing osteoporosis with their program “Melangkah Bersama”.

This strategy is proven as a good strategy because Anlene dominate the high calcium milk market in Indonesia. According to Marketing Research Indonesia they capture 55% market in 2003 (


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