According this questionnaire, we can see that people tend to trust the brand that they already believed will give them benefit. It can be from their self experience when using it’s product, or when they see it directly at the store, touch it, or even try some of it’s feature.

This type of consumer needs a direct experience with the product. So, the best strategy for marketing electronic product is either exhibition, merchandising, or even direct selling.

Merchandising is the methods, practices, and operations used to promote and sustain certain categories of commercial activity  ( If we refer to retail business, merchandising related with the product available for the sale, and also how we display the product to make the customer interesting.

Laurus Nobilis have the similar opinion. According to him, merchandising is the process of effective positioning and arranging of product in the sale. The main objective is to maximize sales. Merchandising will increase the chance of product to be bought. (Laurus Nobilis, 2008).

According to Nobilis theory, and refer it to the questionnaire result, in the process of arranging product, we must be sure that we put forward the best product we have: the newest one, without any defect, can be operated perfectly, and so on, because all of this will give our customer’s first impression.

It will be better if we have separated, different stand for our products only, so that people became aware to our brand. Of course the stand should be seen luxurious, to develop our image as a good brand.

We also have to give them chance, enough space, and enough time to try our product, until they believe that they will not disappoint with our product.

If they don’t have much time to try on our product, so we must complete our display with pamphlet, brochure, or newsletter to give them enough information about the product, the price, the benefit they will get if choosing this product.



The others strategy that will fit the customer’s need is exhibition. Exhibitions are not just collections of interesting objects brought together at a certain place and time ( Exhibitions allows a face to face interaction between an organization and its intended customer.

Moreover, Exhibitions offer an organization with a unique platform to showcase their product in an effective manner and at the same time, it also allows a two way communication between the company and its potential customers.

Exhibitions also allow customer to literally touch and try the product while allowing the organization to gather specific inputs from the customer, which could prove to be extremely useful in customizing their products according to the tastes and preferences of the customer.

For subject of this research who tend to choose product by go to the store watching,touching, and trying the product before decide to buy something, exhibition is the right choice. Especially if customer in the exhibition given a lot of chance to make interaction with the sales person, and of course with the product itself.

How we arrange the boots to build up our product image also give effect in buying behavior, because most of subject in this research also aware about the profile of the company.  It can be seen in the second question where most of subject gave high score on the statement that refers to Samsung as a company ( “Samsung adalah perusahaan modern” and “Samsung adalah perusahaan yang sudah mapan”), but lower score at the statement that refers to the quality of the Samsung product.

It is our challenge in that exhibition to give them proof that our modern and established company also followed by a high quality of the product. It be done by giving them a lot of chance to make an interaction with our product on site.



Direct marketing also a strategy to tell the people directly about our product. We can use this strategy especially to subject who have limited access to our store, either because the distance of their home with the store or the exhibition, or because their physically condition that not allowed them to go the exhibition.

Direct marketing is an interactive system of marketing using one or more advertising media to effect a measurable response at any location. Direct marketing includes: direct mail, telemarketing, door to door selling, direct response advertising, computerized home shopping, home shopping networks, inserts, or leaflet drops/ house to house distribution) (PR Smith, 1993).



Advertising is the paid, public, non-personal announcement of a persuasive message by an identified sponsor; the non-personal presentation or promotion by a firm of its products to its existing and potential customers.    (


Advertising also playing an important role in our marketing strategy, to increase potential customer’s brand awareness and also knowledge about our product.

We have to prepare our advertisement very carefully, especially when choosing wich media will be used, either radio, television, magazine, or newspaper, that can reach the appropriate target we want to approach and also as much as possible.

The outlook od the advertisement should be describe our brand image, our vision, and of course, the product itself, sharply.



We can see that most people choose POLYTRON as the best TV producer. But, no one choose Advance. Subject who placed Polytron at the first rank said that he ever heard or read some news saying that Polytron is the only electronic product made by and in Indonesia. That is the reason why he will not choose another product but Polytron.His/her choice based of his/her love to this country, Indonesia. But, actually, Advance also Indonesia’s product (

So I think we also have to distribute a lt of information about the excellencies  of our product. About the price that lower from other products, higher quality, beautiful design, and any other benefit they can get from  our product.

This information can be efficiently distributed by internet, because one of the functions of the internet is giving us a rich resources for research. And people ths they easily go to the internet to get any kind of data they needed.

The internet as an international network of computers that linked together, it is the best tool to connecting our  company and products with our customer. Beside giving them information, internet also cana be used to receive online feedback from customers, and provide a continual dialogue between customer and company.

In contrary, website also can be used to reveal the information about  our competitor. Whether  its about employees, culture, internal news letter, new products, visions, even about financial results.


With all of this marketing strategy, we can reach a large amount of our potential customer, increasing our brand and product knowledge, an will increase our profit.



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